Winter Wonderland 5k

This is a local race sponsored by the Four Seasons Athletic Association. I surprised myself by beating my PR by 20 seconds. My son Kevin also ran and took 3rd in his AG (10 and under) with a time of 27:49.

Here is Kevin at a 100 meters to the finish.

Kevin again after the race. He is tired but happy. Notice the red cheeks. The temperature was below freezing with ice on the road. Fortunately, neither of us fell during the race.

Kevin decided that he wanted a turn to try out Grandpa's new digital camera. So he got to take a shot at his goofy dad. BTW, the shades I'm wearing are Addidas "Gazelles". I'm testing them out and so far I'm very impressed.

Kevin has just recieved his ribbon for 3rd place in his AG. He is trying to look very cool and having Dad take your picture kind of makes that tough. Hence the look.


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David S. Hays, O.D.