Who am I to offer runnng tips?

I'm not fast. I'm not a coach. I'm not even very bright. Even so, I've picked up some ideas on running from other folks that I've found have worked for me, and for other runners like me.

First, my running history: I had run some in my twenties, but I never really trained. I would just run during the racing season. My typical "training" consisted of running a couple hard 4 mile runs during the week then racing a 10k on Saturday. My best 10k time was only 40:xx something. I eventually quite running due to chronic knee pain. When my doc told me that I could continue to run if I took major doses of Motrin, I quit.

Fifteen years later I was 37 and found that I was rapidly getting out of shape, a couple friends of mine, ages 35 and 36, decided they needed to get in shape as well and wanted to start to run. The plan was to run 3 days/week at 5:15 am on Tuesday and Thursday, and 6:30 am on Saturday. This obscene hour was not my choice, but was dictated by their work schedule.

We started running around Thanksgiving. That time of year in the Puget Sound region is not known for its pleasant weather. It seemed as if that year it rained every day that we ran. It was dark. It was cold. It was wet. The only thing that got me out of bed in the morning was the knowledge that Jim and Randy would be standing in the rain waiting for me.

Our first run was a mile and a half. Like many guys our age, we still viewed ourselves as the 20 something studs that we remembered (or thought we remembered). It was tough just getting through that run.

I've put in a lot of miles since then. I'm running more and I'm running faster. I see lots of new runners who ask the same questions that I did, make the same mistakes that I made, and have some of the same running goals that I have. This website is simply a convenient place to stick some of my thoughts on running topics that I seem to keep repeating over and over again in different forums.

David S. Hays, O.D.