Who is David S. Hays, O.D.

(and what is that O.D. after his name)?

I'm a practicing Optometric Physician (hence the "O.D.") who lives and works in University Place, WA (UP).

Most of my activity and involvement revolves around my practice, the Optometric Physicians of Washington, family, and church. The other thing that takes up way too much time is communicating with folks via computer.

After a number of years as Sysop of a Fidonet BBS name "The Focal Point" I finally shut it down. While free dial-up BBS systems are superior in many ways to the Internet for many applications, the advent of affordable Internet access in the early 1990's made amature BBS's less important. I created a website for the OPW and spent a number of years as it's webmaster. After a while, the expanding needs of the OPW and the changes in web technology outstripped my meager abilities. We turned the website over to professionals to maintain. Now, I spend way too much time and corresponding with running friends in the Dead Runners Society and as manager of the regional sublist of DRS, the Northwest Dead Runners Society (NoWDead).

Running is an important part of my life, even though I'm not particularly talented. Running helps keep me relatively fit despite the advancing years. I not only enjoy the physical activity, I enjoy the people that participate in this sport.

I was raised in University Place and, other than time away at school, have lived here all my life. I graduated from Curtis High School in 1976 and have attended the same church here in UP since I was 2 years old.

I'm married (lucky man that I am) and have the two greatest kids in the known universe.

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